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@ gerbick 50 bucks everything, reminder as i tried before the glue on the connectors might not be as strong because i took the plastic off of it'
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Originally Posted by somedude View Post
@ gerbick 50 bucks everything, reminder as i tried before the glue on the connectors might not be as strong because i took the plastic off of it'
Thanks for the reminder. I'll have to do some research first to see if that would sway my decision.
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Originally Posted by gerbick View Post
Wait... where are you guys getting these $200 N900's? Link me, I need a new travel phone.
Actually, you can get refurbed ones (reasonably so) from ebay for about $150 these days. I just picked one up as a backup and/or to run as a home micro server for less than that. (If you play the auctions right, you can get them for closer to $100.)

There are a few retailers out there on ebay, but by far one of the most reliable appears to be cellphoneforever. They're only slightly shady in that they adamantly claim it's a "new" phone, when it's clearly a refurb.

To be clear, the one I got from them was in great physical condition, and came with most parts one would expect:
  • N900 with no screen or case scratches
  • Original stylus, power brick, and uUSB data cable
  • Black box that looks like the Nokia box (but wasn't)
  • Nokia printed manual and CD with PR 1.2 firmware images/tools
  • Nokia battery, still in pouch
  • US keyboard (probably swapped in)
  • Flashed with PR1.2 and a couple games added but never played

What was missing was the micro-fiber wipe cloth, which isn't a huge deal. However a screen protector had also been put on which, while done well, was a cheaper stick-on that I'm sure will eventually come off. The feel is nice though, and everything feels new. The image on it was PR1.2 with what looks like a restore done to load a set of apps they touted on their e-bay page (mainly games and fMMS).

There's a sticker under the battery cover that clearly marks the unit a refurb. But it also looks like it went through a full series of tests before it shipped, which is a credit to them. I loaded up the tester suite and checked all the hardware, all working just fine. Overclocked stably when I flashed and cloned from my existing N900 to the new one too (using backupmenu). The uUSB port seems to be in solid shape as well, and it looks like the "new" unit has some type of extra holder around it internally, so it may be it was secured as well during the refurb.

So, overall a refurbed N900 for under $200 is quite doable. My bet is they have new cases and keyboards (which are under $20 on ebay) and take older units, repackage the guts, flash it, and sell it as "new".

The insistence that it's "new" is the only reason I left them a neutral rating, since it clearly is not. Had they just labeled it a refurb, or at least admitted it when it's clear that's what's goingon, I'd have been totally happy with it. But then refurbs don't sell as well on ebay, so they lie to bring up the bidding prices. (Though honestly, in the N900 market, if they're refurbing AND fixing issues like the uUSB port, some would be more likely to go for it over all.)

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Originally Posted by somedude View Post
If you have $600 to spend on a phone which one would you get and why?
n900+808 or 3*n900
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bought another N9 64gb for 425 on amazon. Just couldnt find anything else that i was wowed with as i was with the N9. Thanks again to everyone.
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Originally Posted by immi.shk View Post
1) galaxy note (white)
2) if you think its too big
3) think again
4) goto #1

This or Gnex with ICS? Decisions decisions.
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gNote will get ICS soon, just my opinion
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Originally Posted by ibrakalifa View Post

gNote will get ICS soon, just my opinion
NOTE already has ICS.

-Try neobuddy's ICS-Stunner v4.3.
Its based on Google's Android (not Samsung's) so everything runs 100% fullspeed. It has the AOKP features so you can customize it to your liking, and it goes great with the Apex Launcher. You can also change DPI and it reverts to Tablet mode. Everything is great except 2 points: there isn't a Super optimized kernel yet (something that can clock higher while using less battery) and S Pen doesn't work.

-Try maxicet's MidNote v3.1
Its based on Samsung's Android by three leaks (chinese, AT&T and Australian). Everything works at ICS smoothness including the S Pen. The only drawbacks are that you don't get the AOKP/CM9 features, you can't revert between phone and tablet modes, the kernel isn't the best available. Oh, and there's no premium suite from Samsung which will be released via official update.

When theres a few more leaks or an official update, it will be repackaged to complete the AOSP ROMs and the optimized Samsung MODs.
Originally Posted by mscion View Post
I vote that Kangal replace Elop!
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I'm flattered
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You guys make me want a note lmao

This 3.5-4" screen nonsense is starting to be really annoying for my big hands.

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