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someone ought to start a new company, hire all these unfortunate, but talented people and start making Maemo/MeeGo/Mer/Nemo/whatever phones.
The world is overflowing with Apple and Google phones. Nokia sold it's soul the the devil and abondoned it's golden goose, MeeGo. Things generally look bad. We need a phone maker that produces proper Linux-based smartphones.

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Originally Posted by immi.shk View Post
instead of doing partnership with MS, nokia should have done partnership with Google...
since google till now doesn't have a faithful partner... a Nexus by HTC a Nexus by Samsung a Nexus by Asus...

You beeing serious?

The way Google are taking the p*ss with things is off the scale at the moment.
Phone your mum and they'll tell the world about it on G+.
Send a text to your mum, wishing her a Happy Mothers Day and they'll tell the world about it on G+ and send you emails & MMS texts of places where you can buy flowers, take her for a slap up meal or get her a Mothers Day makeover.

That's the main reason I use the N900. I'm not part of the "ECOSYSTEM".

With regards to where stuff is made and how the workers are treated, ask any bod in the High St. They're not bothered about it, as long as it does what they want it to and looks cool, what the hell.
Lobbying won't change the fortunes of those workers, the methods are backed by the government as part of their big economic dream.
Mick has just punched the cr@p out of the "Unlike" button on the Official Nokia Facebook Page.
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This is technology world. An innovation can sink you fast.

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