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Some wee scumbag stole my lovely N9 at the weekend. I was just wondering if it's possible to track the phone (I didn't have the tracker enabled). It's pretty much one of a couple in the whole of northern Ireland so it's pretty unique. Would appreciate your help guys
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If you keep an ear to the ground it will turn up. More than likely whoever knicked it will have done it to sell it.

There isn't many places other than Cash Converters who buy phones. That's a good place to start.

Also check online.. sites like gumtree have plenty of smartphones for sale.

Bad luck though mate
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Cheers lads, ducks to have it stolen, the thugs that nicked it probably don't even know what they're holding. I blocked the sim within 10 minutes while it was still in the phone so pretty sure that blocks the phone?! Going to buy a 64gb white if I don't get it back.. All being good
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What colour and size was stolen - I will watch donedeal, adverts & gumtree in dublin - phone only should stick out, but odds on the idiots don't even know what they took.....
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It's a 16gb black model with Singapore firmware with non deletable Chinese apps. Small scuffs near charger port where it was dropped. Thanks for the help guys
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Report it stolen, as the police can track it (via triangulation).
In some countries, US & NL police even use the GPS function (turning it on).
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keep an eye on facebook too, if you see someone's status saying something like...

"Oo i am soo HAPPY... just SWIPE..SWIPE..SWIPE"

then you'v found your culprit...

hope you get it back

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and this would have been easier if you would have enabled your tracker sw....

hopefully you had devicelock on, so thief only have heavy bookweight (if he doesnt read the forums howto wipe devicelock)... if not then there is one happy new N9 user...

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I didn't have device lock on but I blocked the sim card while it was still in phone which cuts off the network to any other sim card when inserted, so it's no good to him as a phone anyway.
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Just report to police, give them IMEI and they will found your N9. Best luck.

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