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Hello ,
I have idea :
As I am aware the unofficial reason/rumor for the lack of Skype Video
call is unsufficient resources to develope it.
It is sure that 500 k N9s are sold.
So if only 5% of the buyers give 5 bucks to a fund.
It will be enough.
I'll be the first to the fund with 10 bucks.
Skype is already on the WP.
Well , what you think?
Best wishes
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lol, you are smoking weed.

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Originally Posted by rainisto View Post
lol, you are smoking weed.
And he tops things up with a Mixit Language, I can't make sence of what he's trying to say
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O commn give him a break, he is Russian!
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Originally Posted by Muzimak View Post
And he tops things up with a Mixit Language, I can't make sence of what he's trying to say

I think what he is trying to say is. If everyone pays into a fund, maybe skype will make video calling etc.. So I think anyways..
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Skype belongs to Microsoft. I am not sure how many N9 owners would want their money in MSFT pockets.

I for one would gladly donate to a free software cause but not to a corporation, let alone MS.
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Do not be so rude!

There are a lot of N9 skype users (without video in N9, little shame)
Also many N9 gtalk users (with video, thanks for that!)
And also many sip users would like to see the video feature integrated...

I think the idea is not unreasonable. But ofcourse... N9 is dead. Not, if We believe it is not.
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