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I have a problem with the client twitter, from yesterday I can not connects, deleted the account on the phone and tried to create a new one but to no avail

P.S. twimgo from store working properly

sorry for my bad english
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Originally Posted by bltcool View Post
turn off system sounds and touch screen tones
Yes it works! But I don't want to lose the 'click' sound that I get from the keyboard..
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I'd like to change a folder icon (folder containing my 'bookmarks') to the "icon-l-browser.png". It would resemble Operas speed dial a bit.. been trying but haven't had any luck yet.

There is a "" file in
which contains a line
But changing it doesn't seem to affect anything. Am I even close, and is there some way to do this? Appreciate your help.
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Is there a way to hide the adress bar in built in browser? So far I've only managed to make the adress font really small :/ (grob.css) please help
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Can someone please upload the N9 keyboard click sound ? I've searched high & low with no such luck. Thanks in advance.....
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Anyone....... ?
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Really would like a user agent changer app for the default browser instead of the current troublesome method of editing the grob file every time after a reboot.
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I think I found a stable set of settings for adding Google CalDAV accounts, that's a slight variation of previous how-to's and forum discussions...

( my last reply @ )

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I'm looking for a way to disable the "Low space available" (rough translation) notification. It pops up several times a day despite more than 4-5 GB remaining on a 64 GB N9, I guess it is especially because I use Call Recorder, which adds several bytes of files each day... Smaller partitions (Apps for example) have free space remaining too.
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Awesome thread!

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