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There is huge demand for N9 in India.
Can we do something to help ?
What is the best way to bring unlocked N9s in India?
Is there India locals here ?
Obviosly who can afford to buy N9 in India will have no problem
with the shipping from Singapore or Hong-Kong ?
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So how is Lumia doing in India? Off topic I know but interesting to know if it can succeed in a developing country.
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I was not aware there was a huge demand in India. I don't think any of my relatives there have even heard of it. Granted, that's a tiny sample size from a country of over a billion.


I predict the Lumia line will fail miserably in India. Functions that were supported in Symbian and older Nokia phones for the past 10 - 15 years (customizable ringtones / alert tones, bluetooth file transfer, removable storage) are all suddenly broken. I don't think the Indian consumer is going to take too well to that.

It will be more interesting to see how the Asha series does.

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Being in Bangalore and working in a software company in the heart of the IT hub I can for sure say that not many people here are even aware of N9 which is quite sad..

Its the same case for my N900 which still evokes stares and enquiries everytime I use it(Using N900 for the past 2+) years.

Last week we had few mobile marketing guys come in to our company and they had only Lumia for display, i enquired about N9 and they said it was not available

They were using a wall mounted LCD TV(mounted high) to market Lumia and other crap, I promptly switched off the LCD using pierogi app

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India is a vast country and only few people knows about N9
it is certainly due to lack of advertisements and availability

but still i will say those who knows the power of N9 and meego
they love it

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In india people love symbians before some time and now Androids even local/chinese androids are much used here. and window phone is rejected here before their launch :P and if someone buy WP then he sell it within someday... whole world reject WP and Elop.

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Surprised as N9 was launched with great effort in Pakistan.
Radio ads, billboards etc.
Graphic and Calligraphy Designer
check out my site

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Here is my 2 cents for the incredible Nokia N9 to become the only smart phone made for India.

At this time, only "smart phone" that allows to read and write Malayalam & Tamil (soon more Indian languages) freely throughout the system is our favorite Nokia N9.

If you haven't heard, download and enjoy Malayalam, Tamil and Hindi keyboards for free from the Nokia Store.

Spread the word. Demand at Nokia stores in India.

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I got my N9 a week back and loving every bit of it. Waited a long time to get my hands on it. For starters, everyone i know that have seen my phone thinks it is a Lumia 800. Not many know about the N9 here. I doubt it will ever come to India. My N900 served me for a good 2 + years.

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When I first wanted a nokia n9 in the US I asked my inlaws in pakistan to get it for me, but the price there for a chinese made n9 16gb was well over 600. I told them to not get it yet and that maybe the price will go down. 1 month later my brother in law told me 4 stores he went to had them all sold out. I dont care though, I just ordered a finland made white 64gb nokia from amazon, SOOOOOOOOO excited, cant wait for it to get here.

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