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So I took my pr1.2 N9 out for a road trip and noticed that after a short while, 5-10mins? the voice navigation stops saying anything. The GPS navi still works on screen but nothing is being said.

At first I thought maybe it stops after long periods of no updates (like drive for the next so many miles) but I'm wondering now that maybe it can only say so many things before it stops anything.

I was driving down the I5 to Portland and using UK English with street names.

Luckily the on screen navi was quite clear and obvious enough for me to get to where I need to go but if I didn't look, I may have missed an exit since I got no voice warning.

Anybody else experience this?
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Normally, if there are no new instructions, the lady in the phone will be silent. But if there were no instructions even on turns, etc. it was probably some glitch. Try restarting the Drive app.

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restarting application works, stopping and restarting the route doesn't seem to work.

so it runs out of memory or gets tired of talking or something

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Odd ive used the Drive app quite frequently and had no such experience.
Report back if this happens regularly. Might be worth trying to remove all voices and adding them again?
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Haven't experienced that problem at all. Used Drive already a lot with male voice (UK). Hope you find a solution!
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Yes it happens in many occasions you just need to use it long enough to see it...

any way are you using the British English female? i am suspecting it is a glitch with that voice profile .
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On a trip from Virginia to South Carolina, that happened to me. Restart resolved it.
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yea i tried switching voice to us english female street name and i think it shut up even faster. I wonder if it's due to using offline mode on this trip? Anyways my experience thus far is like at least 3 miles of no updates to your path, and it will stop talking. Looks like there are others with the same experience.

It's not critical I guess but it's nice to get a warning after 50clicks of driving straight to wake you up and not miss your exit lol
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well I am not sure what is causing this ....
any way it will be solved by restarting the drive app, how ever it is really not always convenient to restart the app on the go
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I just got my N9 and this has happened on ALL of my trips so far.
After 5-10 minutes the voice just stops, screen navigation continues to work.
I've used the german, english and dutch voice to no avail.
I am running PR-1.2 in developer mode.
Has anyone ever figured out what could be causing this?

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