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Originally Posted by starghost View Post
This is the best FB-Client I have seen so far on the N900. Very nice ! Thank you so much.
It is awesome, but chat doesnt work right, fMobi is nice but it cost =/
I Luvvvv My N900!!

Have my N900 since 2010 and still is my main phone!

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Originally Posted by MohammadAG View Post
I made some huge progress on it yesterday, just need to finish commenting.
GOOOOD! I thought, that you don't do it anymore, but nice to hear and i am still waithing very much. Where you going to publish it?
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Originally Posted by Shinigamijim View Post
chat doesnt work right
I think the chat function can be removed, since Maemo5 supports Facebook chat by default.

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Nice work man, I've installed last version yesterday and many features works fine. I've encountered just one problem, i was trying to comment a post on my timeline, but when i press the button to send the comment it said "failed to post comment!" and nothing more.

Am I the only one with this problem?

Cheers from Italy

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nice work! really like the the app, but i realize cant put description with photo upload.
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Are there any news about Harmattan version of Sociality? :/

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just installed now sociality, but i encountered an issue: in the settings i activate "running in background" option, click save but nothing happen, and when i go again in the settings is disabled. the same if i put the number of minutes for the refresh. any suggestions? also i cannot see the movies i posted in my profile, the player start but is stuck on black screen without playing.
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please how can i fix it ? i have the latest cssu stable
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Currently experiencing the same issues after a reflash. Any changes made in settings are not being saved. Also being asked to log in every time I shut the app down and restart it. Any thought? Issues with Qt perhaps?
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I guess you are not the owner for the config files and therefor canīt save the settings. I think the answer is in this tread.

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