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Yes, it does. But I am not speaking about that - it is overkill to restore complete image, when you can just export/import contacts. I used to do once a month export of contacts DB. But after what happened I just export every new/edited contact immediately after I interact with it.
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Just an idea...

You could connect your n9s to pc and using recovery tools like Recuva and (try to) restore deleted files.
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Suggest for future you sync your contacts using MFE. Nokia devices have been notorious for losing messages/contacts. I had very bad experiences with the N900 so manually back them up regularly or now at least MFE solves this issue.
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Follow this to back up your stuff. I have it working and I can tell you it has saved my *** so many times.
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All my contacts and messages went missing too:

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After reading your post I understand that may be messing with tracker was the culprit in my case. One day Gallery on my N9 was not updating images, newly shot images were not appearing there. So I tried to restart tracker and everything was OK(I do not remember the exact command I used, and it is way too back in my history).
After that I was using the phone for more than a week, when I had to restart it. That is when the contacts, messages and call logs went missing.
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Here's my "lost all contacts and messages" story. Happened to me twice, about four months ago, and today.

I'm not sure what was the cause for the first time, but I had "lost" all my library and phone app showed numbers instead of contact names (I don't remember whether the contacts themselves were gone). Luckily I was clever enough not to reboot, and to RTFM (if it counts as such):

$ tracker-control --help-all
It turned out that there is an option to backup/restore tracker databases, so I made a backup just in case something goes wrong, and did a hard reset followed by restore (I think there was a reboot somewhere in the middle, but I'm not sure):

$ tracker-control -b tracker.backup
$ tracker-control --hard-reset
$ tracker-control -o tracker.backup
I was a bit worried that the restore would bring back the mess it was before the reset, but for some reason it worked just fine.

Today things didn't go that well. The messages app got stuck on sending an SMS (which was already delivered) and wouldn't let me see any follow ups. I wonder if that was due to some kind of tracker fsckup or the other way around. Anyway, I thought why don't I try to turn it off and on again, which I think was my mistake. When the phone came back on, it had lost all contacts, messages and whatnot else. Deleting ~/.cache/tracker/meta.db-wal didn't help, and neither did soft nor hard reset.

Luckily I still had my old tracker backup around, so I got most of my contacts back. Of course I lost four months of call history and messages, but it's not that bad compared to losing all contacts.

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It happened to me too!!!!!!!!
I restore contacts from nokia suite....but....there is something to do to will never be another "contacts crysis" or I have to considered the possibility to have others?

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