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That's the application which makes n900 unique as a RAW shooting camera.
I use n900 as one of my primary photo cameras, (another one is Canon SLR with Mamya lenses) and I cannot switch to anything which does not keep RAW files. That's why even 808 is not an option.

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Also, as I always online in my own jabber server, it would be very nice to have official support for xmpp protocol, not only gmail accounts. I do not have google account currently. Harmattan is not Android to require me to have a gmail account, and not just jabber

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WE NEED INSTAGRAM!!!! Its recently been ported to Android from iOS, why not have it ported to Meego?! More plugins for lockerz, or yfrog and TUMBLR (please!!!!!) on N9 will be cool.
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@qgil Can you comment on my quest for Apple Lossless m4a support? I have seen specs around that suggest m4a support for N950 and N9. As it is available for N900, It can't be too hard for Nokia to put it in.

I just saw that many blogs did say there would be m4a support, but Nokia themselves not. "Audio codecs: MPEG-4 AAC , eAAC, eAAC+, MPEG-1 audio Layer2 (MP2), MPEG-1 audio Layer3 (MP3), WMA 9, WMA Voice 9, WMA Lossless 9, WMA Professional 9 and 10, Dolby Digital Plus (AC-3 & E-AC-3), FLAC"
But there are some codecs in there that needed OggSupport on the N900, so when can we expect m4a?

Or should I convert my iTunes library? Please give me some indication. Thanks!
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we need decoders-support

damn my n9 cant play avi video
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I hope something comes out of this list but frankly my hopes are not high. I see Nokia stopping development of apps for N9 like Pulse and moving their focus wholesale to Lumia.

Even now I see a discouraging trend of quality apps for N9 coming out at a trickle. Take a look at the latest apps in Ovi store for each category and see what I mean. Most of them are meaningless no-quality apps that you'll shake your head over.

Commercial developers like Peregrine and eBuddy have abandoned N9. Even some private developers refuse to do anything when their apps are broken by PR1.2 (eg. Open Video Player, Shortcuts). To date there is still no MS Office editor. The development of Whatsapp appear to have a big question mark. Members are jumped on for even daring to ask the progress status.

The only bright spark is the development of Nitdroid for N9. 2012 may be the year that MeeGo dies quietly as users dual boot into Android 4.0.
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Originally Posted by Arie View Post
Living Social App
Another must have app if living in the US.
I found this app in the store, but it crashes often is there anything that can be done?
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Is this thread alive?

*[] Frozen Bubble
**Very nice game. Maybe also very portable?
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Off-topic in this thread but m4a and AVI appear as supported at

Someone seems to be running m4a:

About AVI this might help?

I don't think I've tried myself, though. I'm not sure either (but I guess) that third party developers can improve codec support?
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Originally Posted by rob_kouw View Post

I would like
* - Password safe
** I had it on the N900, with read-only on a MacBook. Hate to switch again but I am open to any good suggestion on this.
I switched to LastPass on my Mac from 1Password as LastPass also runs on my Ubuntu laptop whereas 1Password is Mac/Windows/iOS only (maybe Android now - not looked).

LastPass has a Symbian client though it's old and creaky and clients on pretty much anything. They've said in their forum they aren't planning to support the N9 - maybe Nokia could twist their arm or let someone else develop a Qt client?

On the upside, their mobile website isn't too bad and it doesn't make a half bad 'web app'.

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