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My Ford Focus is fine over Bluetooth for Phone calls but I have to manually type in numbers and I cant open the phone book using my cars menu meaning I can't even use the voice recognition to choose a contact to call. This is not a vital feature but it would be nice if it was working and very useful

Could anyone shed any light on whether this feature could be added?
Mine works perfectly. I just followed my vehicle's instructions and all was set. Incidentally I've paired both our N9s and the Nav panel shows up everything of both phones (as selected) and voices the caller as well.
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This must be a case of the car manufacturers using different methods

Seeing as my Ford doesnt work fully yet other brands of cars systems do work

Stupid thing won't even accept the update either, need to find a way to get my car to update..
Well Nokia do at least know how to build a decent phone, just apparently don't know how to support it..

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Disabling visibility of bluetooth indeed solves the disconnection problems as stated in another similar thread I can't find right now.

EDIT: found the thread
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