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I've stumbled into the same problem (I bet I'm not the only one) multiple times when writing an application: I can't do graphics that well and can't find suitable good and freely distributable graphics. So the the question is: does someone know a good source for free graphics that one can use in open source applications? Other possibility would be to find people that can draw and are willing to contribute. Actually I would prefer this over some stock images.

Currently I'm writing a slot machine game that I'm looking graphics for. So if someone is interested in collaboration please ping me. And before anyone asks, the game is written in Qt and will work on N9, n9(50), N900, Mer/Nemo, desktop, etc. and it will be available when it's done

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I think these are most cited ones:

And this is long list (could contain dead links, or non-free galleries)

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opengameart is good. you can filter stuff based on licensing and I managed to find suitable graphics for the game there. thanks.
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Hell, hit me up. I'm incredibly busy, but wouldn't mind helping out though.
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search this web site and tr it and i hope it is very helpful to you.

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