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Originally Posted by Gky007 View Post
ok i agree its lacks Java and Multitasking but why its gatting hotter day by day ?? How much Developers in World ?? and How much Population ?? Products are prepared for Mass Users not only for Developers.. and here we only sees things according to US(i am not Developer, even d'nt know what/who is developers). The Blog discussed above clearly mentioned why Nokia Sinking and that is Elop and MS. i think we should hate Elop and MS not android.
Just because WP is worse crap doesn't mean that android isn't crap either. One can simply dislike both it doesn't have to be one or the other. Popularity has nothing to do with quality BTW.
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Originally Posted by stickymick View Post
Android is only successful because it's "GIVEN AWAY" to handset manufacturers and we all know how the majority of manufacturers want something for nothing, (evident by the number of patent lawsuits flying around).
Not only that, For many, Google seems the opposite of Microsoft; altruistic, hip, innovative. They can't do anything wrong, and Google is some kind of saint in company-form. They are THE alternative for Apple for people who fall for that (imho false) altruism. Giving stuff for ""free"" to end users also helps a lot, even if they actually pay with their private data...

Microsoft isn't perceived as hip, nor altruistic, nor innovative. Whether that is actually true doesn't matter.

I would be a terrible marketeer I guess. But I've hardly seen Nokia highlighting the strong points of Maemo/Meego: openess (opener than Android), privacy (Android *really* pushes you to create a Google-account, which then is used for nearly everything), mulitasking and standards-support. But perhaps they couldn't because of Microsoft, which is even much worse than Android on these points...
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Another problem for Nokia is, that Microsoft is being totally silent about the low sales numbers of Windows Phone devices. It almost feels like Nokia has to do all the promotion and marketing themselves. Microsoft might support the campaigns financially, but there has been no supportive words from MS executives.

I can understand, that Ballmer doesn't seem to give a *hit about Windows Phone, but where in the world is Corporate Vice President Terry Myerson hiding? He shoud be shouting and promoting everywhere how great Windows Phone is. But no. Nothing at all. Just Nokia. Alone.

It seems that Microsoft has actually given up, and focusing to NT-kernel based Windows Phone 8. But this doesn't help Nokia at all at this point.
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Everybody knew Nokia was crazy and stupid to put all their eggs in Microsoft's basket. If that basket bottom falls out, everything will be lost. Users want apps and a sleek UI. Symbian has never looked so good as it does now with Belle and it could only get better, and there's no sweeter UI than MeeGo's. But Elop came from Microsoft with his intentions all along.

On the apps side, MeeGo and Symbian won't see the numbers Android and iOS enjoy because Elop already called them dead, so developers are staying away. Am sure when they first saw MeeGo they impressed, and probably still are, but if that ship has no captain, why jump aboard.

The board need to open their eyes and do something, demand a refocus on MeeGo, start attracting developers of popular apps, get Google support, and get their heads out of Microsoft's ***
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Originally Posted by attoiu View Post
I will try to answer with another question.. why are PCs delivered with Windows by default?
Because that's popular and has more "killer applications"? Could you imagine a PC manufacturer selling linux only PCs to general consumers? That's what Nokia are doing in a sense, what makes it worse for them is that WP isn't even open so it doesn't even attract the FOSS crowd. WP is not popular, is less functional, with less apps, and is closed too. Who are Nokia going to attract to their product? Nokia underestimates the public's intelligence if they think marketing alone is going to shift this tide that easily.
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Well actually Nokia could/can use "android" who says it has to be Google version of the OS. For example look at what Amazon did with the Kindle Fire they did a code rewrite made it look nothing like Google version, its more focused on consumers, they opened their own app store and built their own relationship with developers whereby devs get more per app on average even when compared to the Google Play store. Also amazon gets all the profits and nothing is paid to Google.

Nokia in the past with all of the brand value and services could have done exactly the same thing that Amazon and be even more successful, end of the day all that matters is Apps. Also WP7 market place may have currently have more apps but Amazon app store is showing exceptional growth.
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Originally Posted by stickymick View Post
And given that Google is not in the top ten list for trustworthyness, granted not a lot of companies are.
Correct. There are exactly 10 companies on that list.
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Originally Posted by attoiu View Post
I will try to answer with another question.. why are PCs delivered with Windows by default?
Domination in PC OS has nothing to do with smartphone OS.
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I would just like to say that Nokia is a massive phone company and contrary to what people the market makes more than the iPhone market and possibly more than Android. I don't believe Nokia will fall, it's only going to get bigger. But Meego would have been massive.
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Nokia can't use "Plan B" now, because it's past the time of using that.. They need an abortion now..

10 points to the people who gets my post..

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