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Originally Posted by ivgalvez View Post
N9 version is only viewer, not editor, for the moment.

any idea when and where it will appear?
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You can try caligramobile or caligra active (qml based) on Kubuntu but it depends on qt 4.8.1. QT libs should be updated on N900.
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Originally Posted by Jedibeeftrix View Post
presumably this will be available for the N9 too..........?

where will it show up, Nokia store or apps-for-meego?

Had a chat to the main dev about this ages back, read/sub-to this thread
A native UI for N9/900 will have to be done by others...

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cheers, but makes you wonder why nokia put all that effort in?
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just out of curiosity, what did nokia's investment in Calligra/Freoffice get them?
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anyone able to comment on the above..............
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Even in Ubuntu 12.04 there is a package calligra-mobile referencing Maemo and Meego and yet it's not available in the repositories.

Apparently no one within the Calligra team is working on packaging it.

Any volunteers?

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Any news on calligra? In official website not still available a package for our n900.
Hopefully soon come out, I can not wait to try it.
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Just saw the calligramobile package version 1:2.4.2-2 hit the Debian testing repository with the description of;

Calligra Mobile aims to create a version of the Calligra Suite for
mobile devices, such as Maemo or MeeGo.

This package is part of the Calligra Suite.

Sounds good to me! Now just need someone to work on packaging it.

Says it builds on libqtcore4 >=4.7.0 (at least that is the highest version in the dependencies).


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Woohoo! I've been desperate for an Office editor for my N9 ever since I bought it (last year). Hopefully a step forward

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