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anybody knows how to sort the contacts by lastname in MM10?
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Please someone?
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Originally Posted by vegie_stu View Post
It didn't work for me. There seems to be two hurdles:

o Aura is a download from the Android App Market (MM10 was a download from sygic). I don't know how you get the file from the app market so the maps can be extracted. Anyone know?

o I tried my Aura activation code with AU/NZ maps from Android MM10 that I got from a friend. The activation code was invalid.

Maybe I can use the Aura maps with my Aura activation code on MM10, but I can't get the andriod install package.

I'm interested to know if anyone else has the same problem.

Aura is different from MM10, you cant use it because there is no Aura for Maemo & probably never will be. You MUST download MM10 AU/NZ maps, you can use either windows mobile OR Symbian version.
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can someone tell me why i cannot install sygic..
i thought that maybe because i had power kernel installed, but i still cannot install even after i remove power kernel??
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Hey buddy. I just bought the N900 but was not impressed with its ovi maps no turn by turn, no rerouting, and no voice navigation.

I installed the Sygic Maps 10 on it successfully but don't have the Australia maps. Can you send me your Sygic MM10 Australia maps to my email at please?
I found Sygic MM10 australia maps in some forums with a download link but they were all dead, because the links they were provided were megaupload links and you know that everyone knows that megaupload site has been seized by law. So there is no link to MM10 anywhere in the internet.
Which is why i request you to give me a link of it if you have or just send me it to my email.

Guess you're the only one i can ask now.

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