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I ported Heart of the Alien Redux to Maemo 5

For more informations:

Please note, that you are required to own a copy of the game beforehand, as this release loads all game elements from the cd.

Put the files in /home/user/MyDocs/.alien

Required files:
Heart Of The Alien (U).iso
Heart Of The Alien (U) 02.mp3
Heart Of The Alien (U) 03.mp3
Heart Of The Alien (U) 42.mp3


 Arrows     : Direction
 Z          : Shoot, hold to run
 X          : Use the whip
 D          : Jump
 T          : Quicksave (1 slot)
 Y          : Quickload
 Q          : Quit game

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loved this game but it would be pretty hard to play without a pad.

better to to emulate it with picodrive and a ps3 pad.

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Another great addition, thanks.

Would it be too much to ask you for a port of Head Over Heels?
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does this rin on the N9 as well (hoping)?
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sakya, you ARE the best!!!
I loved to play through Another World and now you brought us this really cool game to our beloved N900.
Keep up your great work
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Too awesome.

What are the dependencies and coud this work on Maemo 4?
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Great game, especially with quick safe
Is it possible to change the key bindings? Or at least have a help screen that shows the key bindings?

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