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is it possible that i can expel others from using the connection and i will use the full bandwith. if so then which one and how? previously i did deauthenticating and beecon flood with command line commands.

does this do the same thing as the wifi jamming script does?
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great work karam i will give it a try once im ready thanx
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@Mohammad Muid

well if you want to get the full bandwidth (which i usually do with my bro)

you have 2 ways to do that :

1- using aireplay and deauth other clients but you
(aireplay is usable with the same wireless card you are connected with to the internet, but mon0 must be on the same channel as wlan0 or your AP you are connected to)
this will disconnect them from the whole AP

2-(RECOMMENED) using arpspoof -i wlan0 (router's ip)
without enabling ip forward !!!
this will let others connected but they cannot use the net unless somekinda tunnel
-- now why this one is recommened
because they will less suspect of any problem
in other words : they will not restart their router
NOTE: their refers to your family router or so


wifi what ?
didn't notice this script till now

well according to what i read
it still doesn't support many attacks to mdk3 unlike wifi-pwner

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Hi i had the error in line 78, i install bash3 and now i have this...
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Originally Posted by q6600 View Post
Hi i had the error in line 78, i install bash3 and now i have this...
Reinstall mdk3

sudo gainroot
apt-get install --reinstall mdk3
There should work

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nice script... reminds me of something

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@Thank you karam for this script
@D@vIcHoJD Thank you, now is working
I try the destruction mode and is working just fine.
the battery didn't find this attack nice 25% in a few minutes drain

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can you please explain what this things do:

1) wmaster0 (sometimes this option appears and sometimes it doesn't
2) Michael shutdown exploitaion (it says just one more Qospacket to collect. then it stays there
3)Basic Probing and ESSID Bruteforce mode
4)Authentication Dos mode
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Hi when I start this I get this error
: line 83 : ip: command not found and there isn't any interfaces to select from list.Am I missing something?Thanks
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Wow this looks good , not really been around much and have missed all the good things ..

Great job will test later
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