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Hi, I'm the new.
My name is Grzegorz.
I have got my Nokia N9 for a week.

I upgrade from PR 1.1 to PR 1.2, and I dont strongly like this!
The status panel of IM is black...
SMS are get very big font (i repair it but not at all)...

So I've decided to change firmware to PR 1.1, but
there is a downgrade blocked.

Where is the blocker? At boot loader?
It's any chace to disable this?

Maybe update of content rom files (date/version)? from PR 1.1 to PR 1.3?

Anyone have idea?

P.S. Sorry for my English!
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Originally Posted by revdns View Post
Hi, I'm the new.
My name is Grzegorz.
I have got my Nokia N9 for a week.
Hi, My Name is Jonni. Please stop cross-posting the same question to 5+ new threads.

Downgrade functionality is for Nokia internals only, and NOT offered to end users. If you want some old obsoleted functionality or themes in your latest PR release, then just ask someone to copy files for you from older pr release (or extract them yourself from the .bin) and customize latest PR release yourself.
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Originally Posted by DarkSkies View Post
Well done, itsnotabigtruck. Many people will surely find this guide useful if not life saving!
Yes! great instructions, worked a treat. Took the fear out of flashing the device, didn't destroy my data (I took the "Replace Operating system" option).

Only thing to note is that it's not entirely clear when/ if you need to turn on the N9 once you have issued the Flasher -i command. It took me a couple of goes, and Windows (as it has a habit of doing) started popping up all these unhelpful "installing device driver" messages. I never had to turn on the device with power button, but I did have to unplug it from my laptop once to get it going - the USB cable and Flasher software together seem to boot and then reboot the device. Somehow, it does work, and it seems that Windows needs to do the "installing device driver" thing before the Flasher recognises (and then reboots) your N9.

Appreciate the instructions! cheers
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p.s. Flashing took about 5 mins
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Is flashing PR1.2 with the instructions on the first page same as reupdating phone via Nokia Software Updater?
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I have this problem to flash? you modify the kernel to install the version of nitdroid and installing an application on android my phone was shut and every time I turn that warning screen appears I lost the guarantee of nokia and off ... when I want flash I feel the following: e tried several things but nothing to run, I hope your help ...

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massive thanks @itsnotabigtruck.

I have to own up to being a total noob with all things Nokia. I was on some random swiss county variant and my desire to get PR1.2 finally outweighed my patience!

Followed the guide in tandem with the english youtube link (found further back in the thread) and all went smoothly.

Thanks V much for taking the time to help folks like myself. Hopefully having changed to a more generic Northern Europe firmware I will get the updates in a timely fashion from now on!
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I just bought a nokia n9 and it was the Chinese version variant 003. So I decided to flash it to a generic fw. I am fairly new to this so I was looking at many tutorials before i found this thread. Anyway it flashed just the cmt didn't complete (but I know know how to fix that) and I got all the western apps like Facebook, youtube etc. Then i tried to go into the ovi store bought it wasn't responding so I did a restore/clean and when it rebooted it never got past the spinning circle on the boot screen.

Know i tried to re flash it using the standard methods winfflash etc, tried use nokias updater, tried many different fw because the original isn't working now. Now because it successfully updated to pr1.2 before it got stuck at the boot screen every time I try to flash it it gives me the You cant downgrade error.

Can anyone please help me!!!!!!!!!! I will give any logs/screen shots that you need.

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flash with ape + emmc, you should rewrite device fully.
also use --erase-user-data=secure
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If I run (Version 059J250, version checked in SIM tray)
flasher -a DFL61_HARMATTAN_30.2012.07-1_PR_LEGACY_003-OEM1-958_ARM.bin -k zImage –flash-only=kernel -f -R
I get the following response:
ERROR: ReadFile(65540) GetOverlappedResult() error 1167 timeout 4975 ms

Using flasher 3.12.1, no simlock, no device lock

Same happens if I run :
flasher -F DFL61_HARMATTAN_30.2012.07-1_PR_LEGACY_003-OEM1-958_ARM.bin –flash-only=kernel -f -R

What I’m doing wrong? :-(

flashing, nokia n9

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