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Hi, a week ago i drop my n900 into water, i took it out right away removed the batery and put it into rice (i read it somewhere). Since that the touchScreen is not working anymore.

I took it to a repair shop an unoficial one (as we dont have nokia centers here). They say the digitalizer has to be replaced.

Well the thing is; the replacement is gonna take about 1 month the get here. I want some files stored in my n900s mass Storage memory. And without the touch feature i cannot get thru the "time/region/language" setting welcome screen. I tried pressing the arrows, numbers and enter key to set it. but seems the only way pass the wellcome screen is tapping on "Save".

Is there a way i can force acces the mass Storage without booting maemo?, like when in update mode.

Im on a win7 64bit machine.

Thanks in advance and sorry for bad english.
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SSH, backupMenu by Rob1n would be the first two options that come to mind.

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Have you tried plugging it to the computer while off? I think it shows up as a drive. Or is it the N9 that does that?
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i dont know you may be able to access to your files using a LINUX PC e.g :ubuntu with a specific program
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