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I decided to go for 3.5G mobile broadband internet to play some mmo games in my spare time and use my n900 to tether the connection

but im suffering from real bad latencies and bandwidth issues. my isp is etisalat and they say the problem is with my device -.-

the latencies are like 300ms during noon and around 1000ms during peak periods at night

any idea whats up? i have the latest PR 1.2 update.

anyone else having this issue with N900s? or is this an ISP issue?
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dude r u kidding? latest update is 1.3
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Well I've seen my N900 report 3.9G and performance was excellent.

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Hi Tobias,

i would say there is a lot of sources for u problem^^
it could be your n900, laptop, isp, game
or somethink i have missed to think about

first i would check your connection
from the n900 to the isp
so use "traceroute" on your n900 x-terminal

open the x-terminal on your n900
and type "traceroute"
u should see a list with alot of ms values in it.

the ms value is the latence to every ip that is posted there

so if the value goes to high after the n900 hops to your isp
u cant do anything about it and your isp have to fix it
but i dont think he will^^

if the first value is to big i would say
there may is a problem that could be relatet to your n900
but i would need more information to say somethink about that

if the latence is fine
i would check the tethering device
connection to the n900
u can use "traceroute" or
on a windows maschine only "trace"
to find out the latence the same way

if you dont know which values are good and which are bad u can post the ms values here and i will check it later but only the ms values not the ip plz

for more help it would be nice
to have some more information
about your isp, laptop(os) and game

greetings from germany

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I'm also using 3.5G (which is, in fact, HSPA+ (HSDPA, HSUPA, if You filter out stupid marketing names), without such problems.

First of all, it's plain bullsh*t that it's device fault. Most likely, You just got bad ping due to route between Your device and MMO game server. Other choice is bad quality of service from Your operator.

Follow Hoga advices, to filter out possible cases.

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ok not sure which version it is, but *#0000# says : 21.2011.38-1.002

* will post results on traceroute soon*

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That is P.R. 1.3.1

The latest update from Nokia. A minor update over the P.R. 1.3

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On N900

Offpeak period (when gaming is OK):

1 * * *
2 55.969 ms 56.183 ms 49.743 ms
3 49.835 ms 48.462 ms 79.956 ms
4 49.378 ms 39.795 ms 48.310 ms
5 49.866 ms 48.187 ms 49.775 ms
6 50.110 ms 48.828 ms 49.958 ms
7 59.754 ms 58.411 ms 58.258 ms
8 190.674 ms 197.632 ms 199.707 ms
9 329.650 ms 327.179 ms 199.890 ms
10 327.393 ms 160.309 ms 319.488 ms
11 327.667 ms 228.730 ms 329.315 ms
12 227.569 ms 228.730 ms 331.817 ms

Peak Period (when it is unbearable - google pings @ 2000ms+):
1 * * *
2 572.052 ms 336.457 ms 309.662 ms
3 320.008 ms 328.186 ms 309.388 ms
4 309.875 ms 329.010 ms 309.417 ms
5 330.048 ms 317.993 ms 309.661 ms
6 330.170 ms 359.192 ms 199.432 ms
7 329.773 ms 189.148 ms 239.838 ms
8 308.441 ms 449.158 ms 378.693 ms
9 469.879 ms 538.574 ms 640.107 ms
10 509.613 ms 359.406 ms 529.877 ms
11 478.455 ms 389.069 ms 529.450 ms
12 629.303 ms 569.001 ms 539.704 ms
13 * 545.014 ms 509.094 ms
14 648.316 ms 589.447 ms *
15 797.943 ms 368.439 ms 399.933 ms

I dont understand why the 1st line is * * *.
On a wireless connection its like 3-4ms with IP's listed of my router.

OS: Win7 64bit
PC: i5-2450m
ISP : Etisalat (UAE)

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Hi Tobias,

the first *** line means that the router from your isp dont allows/dont respond to this command -.-
for me it looks like you run in to a slow down advice
from your isp like Estel mention
caused by

a) high traffic in your network note
b) low singal caused by some frequency interferers
c) somethink i have missed to think about^^

i would email my isp to ask if the problem could be fixed.
somethink like:

i have some latence problems with your (data-plan/3G)
normaly my latence looks like this:
traceroute output

if the problem happens it looks like
(time/date you have trouble)
traceroute output

Because i need the normal latence for my work i would like to know if you could offer me a solution to get this problem fixed.

Warm greetings to you...

greetings from germany

ps: just to check make a trace from your laptop at the time the problem happens so u can see the n900 is responding fine

to do that open "cmd" dos-box and type "trace"
the first ip sould be your n900
responding in the same time that it takes without the problem^^

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3.5G (or any cellular data connections) weren't built for low latency. 200-400ms sounds like a fair expectation for 3 or 3.5G. 4G and LTE or whatever they call it these days *may* have lower latency.

Speed does not always correlate with latency. You can have a 10mbps connection with high latency, or a 56k connection with low latency (like 20ms pings on average)

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