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I want to lock my private pictures and I dont know if i can do it. Someone please help with this request, i dont want to share some pictures and the first thing that the people do when they have my cellphone is to watch my gallery!!!
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move it to a folder that the tracker doesnt read. Any folder that starts with a . (dot). Or move things to the private folder in the /home/user directory.

Think there's an app to which allows you to set which folders the tracker reads.
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or you can just edit your gallery desktop file to start to lock application, search the forum for it. Not hiding it but stops nosy people opening your gallery app.
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I learned this with my old n900.
Now I use with my N9.
"USING myExplore '
In MyDocs creates a new folder, but with a point advantage.
example: .my stuff
There are going to store your photos and videos private.
Photos and videos are removed from the gallery and can only be viewed using any file manager.
works for me.
excuse my English

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Just Put any thing you want to hide in "cities" folder no one can find them and open them from File Manager or any explorer

you welcome

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