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It seems that my n9 is constantly going onto silent mode, can anyone help? Its annoying having to keep putting it back to ring. Also why does it keep asking me for my facebook password? Is there a way for it to remember passwords?
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your phone is embarrased to play the song you selected as ringtone change it to match its style.

serious note:
you face the screen towards the body and put in pocket even on the pair of jeans, you see all kinds of accidental touches on screen. account not remembering password is a databse corruption either rebuild it or reflash inclusing emmc (very easy to do compared with databse rebuilding)

or again stop using facebook and change ringtone.
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Just stop using fb - it's for tw@s
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lol the ringtone is the default nokia tune, just got the phone yesterday not much time to personalize it yet, I may be inadvertantly putting it to silent, I have noticed the screen is alot more sensitive/responsive compared to the n8. Ill keep an eye out for that.

As for the facebook password, I turned the phone off and on again and so far it seems to be good.
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You might also be hitting the volume key which acts as a toggle for switching between profiles.

Silly implementation in my opinion.
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Have you updated to pr 1.2 for the facebook problem?

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Originally Posted by regtheledge View Post
Have you updated to pr 1.2 for the facebook problem?
+1 regtheledge

I can confirm (as can everyone else, most likely) that the PR 1.2 update fixed the [very annoying] constantly-asking-for-passwords problem. If PR1.2 update isn't available for you yet OTA, the you could try another method of updating your N9.
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The phone shipped with PR 1.2 (30.2012.07-1.454.1_PR_454) Ill try restoring the phone and see if that fixes the problem tonight. Not sure if I want to flash it as I am kinda illiterate on Meego

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