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no n900 vs n9 please, theyre same, abandoned but incredibly alive

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I have n900 and n9 cyan 16 GB I want to sell one of them, becouse I want to get jolla device, I am jus not sure which one to keep
, I like the swipe gestures of N9 it is faster with better camera... but n900 has something ,don't know how to name it, well..anyway micro sd, slidiing keyboard, fm transmitter...My ming telling me to keep n9 but my heart to stick with n900
which one woud you keep?
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Sell both!
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Unless you are interested of Neo900 sell both. I feel the same of N900. Magic touch&feel Jolla is an exellent choise.

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I 've decide I will keep n900 and wait for jolla

copy-paste, more confused, wtf???

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