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@Hec : Install AutoFreeWifi to connect on FreeWifi networks. But, for this, you must have a Freebox and a FreeWifi ID.

If you've got FreeMobile only, I'm afraid you won't have any chance to connect on FreeWifi with the N900.

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Ok so Free launch the EAP sim support today... still not available for the Nokia N9... I think it may have a solution because the N9 already support the EAP protocol for wifi the only thing missing is the sim authentification ability...

Hope to see it in PR 1.3 or in an alternative app
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c'est bizarre car normalement, swisscom fait de l'eapsim, et d'apres ce que j'ai entendu, pas de soucis avec. est ce aue la rom suisse aurai quelque chose de particulier???
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Hi Everybody,

i am interesting by eap-sim support too according to free mobile deployment.

2 bugs tracking was created but none delivery seems to be planned...

"Not planned for 1.2 - unresourced and lacking required network infrastructure
for dev and testing. "

Our only chance is the existing of a french meego developer using free mobile network

Best Regards
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I ttried to connect to a Free eap-sim enabled mobile hotspot with my n900 this week-end. It did'nt work.
However, I found this sentence in maemo wiki:
As a special case, controlling the EAP-SIM authentication using the SIM Access Profile
at: http://

Does someone know if this means EAP-SIM is implemented but not available to the user beacause of lacking GUI/sufficient testing?
As libicd-network-eap is closed source I think only some nokian can tell us more about this.
It would be great if there is an implementation available at least through dbus.

I also found some developer wrote a libicd plugin called libicd-network-wpa which allows to manage connections through wpa-supplicant (which has support for EAP-SIM). I will try to dig further.
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EAP-SIM has _not_ been implemented, so its not just UI missing.

And even if you try to recompile N900 libicd-network-wpa, you will notice that javispedros wpasupplicant is compiled without CONFIG_EAP_SIM, so there is no support currently in that way either.

Summa summarum EAP-SIM is not supported and most likely will never be supported, unless you code everything yourself.

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sad but clear enough...
Thanks a lot anyway for that info. So the chance has suddenly dropped to some number close to 0%
I will survive anyway
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For my first post i'd like to know if someone did try to write :

key_mgmt=WPA-EAP IEEE8021X

in wpa_supplicant.conf ?

I've found some code here :
you can download sources here :

So there are codes to manage eap sim authentication (eap_sim.c, eap-methods.c, ...)
Don't know which version of wpa_supplicant is installed and how to update or modifiy it

I'll receive my n9 in a few weeks, I'll try it ASAP ...

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For my last post :
Sorry, i won't be able to test it ... i'm so desapointed because of 802.11n hardware problem (only works when screen is locked )
I send N9 back to vendor ... will stay with E72 ...
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Thanks for your work.

I am interesting by the subject even if i don't have Free mobile as ISP.


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