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I have searched without luck.
Is there a way to share the contents of a file/SD card via wifi so that I can wirelessly transfer / share with a tablet (specifically my Playbook)? I'd like to be able to use the N800 as a sort of bridge to get my camera photos onto the Playbook. Can't seem to figure out a way.
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Nudge, bump. :-)
I know this is unlikely, but hoping someone really knowledgeably can help.
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Not sure if the SSH servers available can handle SFTP or not, and i can't at present test.
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You should be able to use Bluetooth file transfer.

Pair the n800 with the Playbook, open file manager, select file(s) and send via bluetooth to the Playbook.

Or you can try this:
And give the web server running on your n800 access to the files. You can then connect the Playbook to the n800 (acting as a WAP) and download the files through a web browser.

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Bluetooth file xfer on the N800 usually fails for me, and is incredibly slow if it does work. But the Piratebox thing is a good possibility. Thanks.

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