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I have two N900s and plan to keep them forever. right now, I have a 10 inch Acer Iconia 500 Android about six inches from my N900 -- but I'm using my N900; it's more convenient and more fun.
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Maemo 5 is the best os ! i have ever seen i mean it handles so many tasks so well with such less amount of ram and lacks processor speed but i guess 1 ghz overclock helped me alot here i just wish we get better hardware i dont mind using maemo 5 with some minore improvements such as swipe to close an app and portrait desktop support though without them still maemo 5 is the best
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i will...definitely....even if not used as a mobile phone, i will carry this for multipurpose...

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Originally Posted by MINKIN2 View Post
Oh, I may have to watch out for that. I can't say that I ever noticed this on mine before. I have just tried a test too by opening a blank canvas in mypaint and could not see a spot, maybe I'm just lucky so far.

That said, now I know this issue exists I will probably become increasingly paranoid about it.
It's good that it doesn't affect everyone then. Maybe there are some models that aren't susceptible to this issue. If you're being paranoid, I have a theory that these spots are caused by excessive heat, so you might want to stay away from NITDroid (which can make the N900 run quite hot) and be careful with overclocking, unfortunately I haven't got a supply of fresh screens I can use to test this theory.

@electroaudio, I have several spots and no scratches, but my other less favoured theory is that they might be caused by excessive pressure to the touchscreen.

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I will keep mine till it dies.

As for the white spots, mine had one since the beginning and got another when someone poked the screen really hard. :s
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Originally Posted by MINKIN2 View Post
White spot issue?
yes problem with backlight that made the LCD show white "spots" on the screen. Both mine did have this issue :-(

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if nothing else comes along that really thrills me then i will also have it till it dies (will have it anyway, there are so many things it can be used for besides a phone)

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I had one. I kept it until it died, which it did last fall. So, I bought another N900.

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me too I will keep mine till it dies.
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My N900 is a backup phone, I carried it with me all the time while I used the N9 as the main phone. I am keeping my N900 till it stops working. BTW, is there anyway I can land a N950 or a white N9 now?

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