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Originally Posted by gkuenning View Post
No. I don't know of a mount that allows keyboard use. You'd have to provide all the support from the sides, and I don't think you could grip the phone tightly enough.

As a practical matter, it would be pretty hard even for a passenger to use the keyboard when the phone was mounted in a car. The touch keyboard offers bigger keys, requires less pressure, and is much easier to see.
I have used a universal one for quite a while that would expand wide enough to grip the sides & had a couple of support tabs underneath & it worked well. The tab to tighten the suction recently broke though, so I've been looking for a replacement. I don't usually type a lot, but I do hit key combinations sometimes.

On another note of info for anyone looking at the one pictured in post #254 I had one like that and the suction cup was terrible & didn't even work, but the holder itself was great & fit on my universal mount, but it broke recently on a trip
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Originally Posted by gazza_d View Post
Although when fully clicked in, the keyboard cannot be opened, it is possible to "half" insert the N900 so the top clip clips behind the screen and allows the screen to slide up. I tend not to type when driving so it's not a big deal for me.
That explanation of how the keyboard can be opened while in the mount half way is how I used that mount before it broke, that's what I was thinking of by having the keyboard open while mounted.
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its possible to use the wh-701 in n900
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I ordered & just received the SlipGrip car mount with the gooseneck arm.

I also am very pleased with it: doesn't foul the buttons, there's a cutout for the camera, the suction cup assembly is good, it holds the phone well, & the mechanism for inserting & removing the phone is simple & fast to operate. The seller was very good to deal with.

The gooseneck is working well for my application. I mounted it very near the rearview mirror to minimize eye movement from the road, & the gooseneck adjusted to place the N900 in a very good spot.

What kind of mount is the RAM mount offered on their page at ?
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FWIW Tesco in the UK offer a 'generic' MP3/Satnav holder. It has a sucker, multi-jointed arm and it expands large enough to hold the N900 while it is in an otterbox AND the keyboard is open!

Best of all it appears to only cost 1.24 at the moment!
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Can somebody please post a video of how the Brodit holder works?
I am really curious to see it in action (since its so expensive)
I cannot find anything in youtube.

Thanks in advance!!

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Here is My setup:
Carmount adapted from Zippy for Iphone. I bought this about 1 year ago.
Section 1: Trimmed this section in order for Lens Cover not be under pressure and cause the phone to "jump off".
Section 2: sanded the fit below (it was right in the ON/OFF button) and glued litle rubber stripes for additional grip.
Section 3: (forgot to mark the image) Lower fits: had also to be sanded, as they where a little fat, in order to fit more accuratly in the gap between the keyboard slider and the n900 display
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Resuls as follow:
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- Very easy attach and detach sequence;
- No vibration (as the support does some pressure on the dashboard <cockpit??>)
- The Zippy also came with WALL/CAR USB charger (iphone cable), screen protector (for iphone) and silicone case.

I'm not a weekend driver and Lisbon roads are not the best. Yet this setup never left-me down and the phone never came off.
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n900 carkit mount

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