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Originally Posted by rajil.s View Post
As a dirty hack, i modified the code to show Album name as well. I added to

/opt/rx/media-im-status-updater/ at line 126

      for key in ['album']:
        value = None      

          value = self.__metadata[key]
        except KeyError:  
          value = u'<unknown>'

        message = message.replace('%d', value)
Now the album name can be shown by using %d.
Doesnt Work for me. just displays the text "%d"
Am i missing anything?
is there anybody else on my boat!!
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Can anyone please update this program ? or there is another aplication that do the same?
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I also noticed this stopped working after installing the latest CSSU update (21.2011.38-1Smaemo1 (26.11.2011)).

Anyone having similar problems? This was working fine before I installed CSSU.

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i decided to flasj my n900 to the previous state and the media im status plugin is working fine. I'm not sure if the problem was due to the cssu stable release or something else. Anyone here have this plugin working for them with cssu stable?
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works only on skype status?

nothing hapens on msn nad facebook---

any ideas?

thanx in advance
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Just an update. I decided to reinstall cssu stable and I'm not sure why but the media im status plugin is working fine. So, I guess the problem before wasn't caused by the cssu stable update.

So to recap what I did to fix it was.
1. Flash N900 (emmc and OS) full factory reset.
2. Installed media im status plugin (tested and working on msn/gmail).
3. Installed cssu stable (tested and working fine).

So I'm not really sure why it stopped working before, it might have been due to some dependencies of files or something.
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So bad news. Everything was working fine but I had to just figure out what breaks it. So this is how I made the plugin stop working.

1. First test the plugin works (msn/facebook/google im's) - confirmed working.
2. Added a yahoo im account - tested and confirmed working.
3. Deleted the yahoo im account - (msn/facebook/google im's) still working.
4. Re-added the same yahoo im account that I deleted - plugin no longer working for all im protocols.

So, that's what happens. I tried to do some simple troubleshooting by enable 1 im account only and testing which one works, also reinstalled the plugin, reinstalled the pidgin plugin for conversation, etc...and still the plugin no longer works.

So right now I don't really know why it stops....if anyone has any ideas, it would be great.

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It's not working for me either Please someone help!
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This is in dire need of refresh....

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