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I just started having this problem today... I can't install any new applications. Can't enable dev mode because I get the same errors "unable to start,refreshing cache" and I also can't delete the file through filebox....

What should I do to fix this error? Any help would be appreciated bc this is annoying as hell....
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Always when something finishes installing from store , the store closes . I can't download more apps at a time
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It always works for me after I have eaten pizza, must be because of that. :-)

But jokes aside, most of the post here are lacking proper details on error or how to reproduce it.

Here some facts:

1. you should only have osa.list and aegis.ssu-keyring-[00x].list in your /etc/apt/sources.list if you don't know what you are doing (or dont know how to recover). Installing any other repo list can cause device depency conflicts (or if repo is not responding it stalls forever). And vice versa if you remove those files you are also screwed.

2. You can always use mass storage mode to copy and install terminal deb to device -> you can _always_ get to terminal console even if you cannot install dev-mode.

3. With terminal you can always recover if you know what you are doing.

4. If your don't know what your doing, then full reflash is easier for you.

5. Devel mode install will fail if you have not set your date to current date before trying to enable it (ie if you try to enable devel mode with factory date). And if you haven't enabled devel mode before enabling custom repoes, you can only blame yourself.

Well even topic already suggest whats wrong in here, "meecatalog (or any other custom repo list) QA is not good enough for consumers to use it/them". And ofcourse you haven't been using any tweaks like add torrent to filebox.

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I am now unable to install anything from the store, I think it happened after trying to install things from meecatalog and saying 'installation interrupted' I ran apt-get update and apt-get upgrade in the terminal and it was saying 'unable to lock /var/lib/dpkg is another process using it?'.

Now when I try running these commands it says 'the package unzip needs to be reinstalled, but I can't find an archive for it'

I am still able to install .deb files from filebox. Can anyone help me with this?

EDIT: When I try to install anything from the store it is saying it's an uncertified source, and then it says installation interrupted when I agree.
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when i turn on developer mode on it shows error of installation package not found.

Can any one help..

please help!!!!!!!!

Arvind S.
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You can find the individual .deb files here but don't think that it is simply a matter of installing them one by one:

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