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And this high-performance 16 Gb samsung is only 3 dearer than the Lexar 16 gb (20 <> 17).
I hope the 32 Gb performs as well. Alle the Benchmarks were made with Windows 7 and FAT32 filesystem.

Here is an update of the lexar 16 gb class 10 with a new reader, the old one was crap.

Lexar 16Gb class 10 microsdhc

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Re, Samsung 32GB class 10;
Benchmarks fresh from the blister pack (FAT32, no formatting or repartitioning), microSD to USB adapter (not the provided microSD to SD adapter). It was cheap, under $35USD, and after reading reviews on the 16GB, decided to try it.

ATTO Disk Benchmark on Win7, 64bit:

With smaller file sizes:


Compared to these benchmarks , card appears to be fast. Still deciding how to use it....

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