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working fine for me
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Originally Posted by quipper8 View Post
This with the other small dev mode updates, would say probably a software update coming soon
Was thinking the same. Hope so!
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I submitted my app 12.4 and still waiting for it to be published. QA passed fine already 19.4 but still not published...
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Originally Posted by F2thaK View Post
Havent you heard? Nokias closing the store. Theyre broke.
but hey, facebook is going to start charging :0 so the rumors
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Alert: Delay in Meego Content Processing
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Dear Publishers,
As part of Nokia’s focus on providing the best possible developer experience, we are currently making some upgrades to our MeeGo platform publishing process. While we do this, publishing times will take longer than usual, meaning a delay of up to two weeks on app submissions going live in Nokia Store. Once our upgrade is completed, the publication process will return to normal.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the team here at Nokia Publish Support:

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thx for notifying us ... btw can we upload for symbian ?
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I hope this means they're giving developers access to some of those forbidden credentials, which are anyway being used due to platform bugs :-).
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just to let it know it's fine now ...

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