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How do I sync the phone transfer created calendar locally not via cloud? I tried MFE and CalDAV via Google Calendar not every entry syncs. The attachment shows the typical way phone data transfer sets a new calendar. I disabled the default calendar for the sake of simplicity.

This calendar was made when I initially transfered contacts from my former phone Nokia E90 (I haven't used this phone since 2008) but it is my main backup for all contacts and calendar needs. Unfortunately the phone got corrupted when trying to sync to my iPhone 4s via cloud and the back up was lost. Now the only device I have that has complete entries is the N9.

I really need to either store these contacts locally on my computer via exported calendar file (if possible), sync it back to my E90( which now creates a new E90 calendar due to the reformatting even if its the same phone) or even sync via isync which fails since isync only considers the "Personal" Calendar.
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