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This is a complicated story. I have been trying to get avahi running on the n9 for some time now, and it seems I almost got it. I used inception to "liberate" my phone from the tyrannical opressors who have stolen its soul from me.

Then, I installed the following packages from this repository using incept <pkgname>:
After installined I tried starting avahi through opensh:
/etc/init.d/avahi-daemon start
And I got some errors about avahi not able to connect to Dbus. Restarted phone. Boot loop. Damn.

The interesting part is that when I forced the phone into R&D mode using flasher:
sudo flasher --set-rd-flags=no-lifeguard-reset --enable-rd-mode
The phone came back from the dead! It booted, and everything worked fine! Even Avahi was working!

I spent almost 5 hours investigating why does the phone get in a boot loop. I tried preventing avahi from starting on boot (by deleting the avahi script in /etc/network and the avahi spec from/etc/dbus-1/system.d/). I checked /etc/network/interfaces and saw it was identical to the default. In the end, I uninstalled avahi-daemon and bind9-host, but to no avail. As soon as I disable R&D mode with flasher, the phone gets in a boot loop.

From the debs, I saw the following new files were installed (apart from some libraries, that probably didn't cause the loop):
It is interesting that when I tried installing Avahi from the same repo, but with apt-get and devel-su, it didn't cause a reboot loop, and Avahi didn't work.

It seems like "bricking" the phone is so damn easy. I bet there is some kind of hash check or something that prevents boot in normal mode. I have used Linux for more than 5 years now because it is robust. It is ironic though how easy it is to screw up your n9 and end up reflashing it.

In R&D mode, everything was working fine. I considered staying in R&D mode, but the front LED would keep flashing - it's very annoying.

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Hi there. I'm having the same problem you describe -- only being able to fully boot using R&D mode -- on the N900, most likely for different reasons since I didn't have anything to do with Avahi.

Incidentally, the last things I did before rebooting were commenting out the fstab-gen lines of /etc/event.d/rcS-late and installing the fcam API package. I reverted those changes in R&D mode and tried reverting to production mode but no joy. I can't seem to narrow down the exact cause and am trying to remember all of the other changes I made since last boot...

Did you ever get to the bottom of your issue? Did you try uninstalling Avahi? If you learned anything else, maybe it can give me a clue. Thanks.

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You probably have a different issue. I believe what was happening in my case was that Avahi installed files in Aegis-protected directories, which caused a hash mismatch and thus the phone refused to boot.
The only way I was able to solve this was with a reflash.

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