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who think
believe that 3D technologies, 3D Qt 1.0 for Qt 4.8.1 can be used properly and to capitalize on maemo 5 believe that the community can be applied usefully in future updates,
will be a much needed Avanze for nokia n900 maemo and demonstrating the power system and how much this is true not only for the community?

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Originally Posted by jonathan_prado View Post
You want to see Qt 3D packaged for N900?
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Moreover, you want Qt 4.8.1 packaged for N900?
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i think he said so ....
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Originally Posted by Tofe View Post
Moreover, you want Qt 4.8.1 packaged for N900?
Is it possible that we'll be able to use Qt 4.8+ with CSSU someday? Now we've got Qt 4.7.4 with CSSU. Or is it impossible? If yes, why?
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