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@Aleksandra , can we get an update on when to expect a new release?

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On the off-chance, I sent feedback to the XMS folk via the application asking about group chat and the ability to send and receive media and I was pleasantly surprised they took the time to reply:

Thanks for writing to us, and for all your suggestions. You may be happy to know that much of this is in development, or at least being considered. We wish to being Meego in line with our Android and iPhone apps, which already have group chatting and video/picture sharing. We will do our best to get these features to you! Have a great day.
As much as people want WhatsApp due to its popularity, imo the fact it is being reversed so a custom client can communicate with their servers combined with the fact their messages are sent unencrypted really puts me off it.

Ofcourse one must get their social group to jump from Whatapp/Kik but when XMS deliver, I will try my utmost to get my social circle to move to XMS as long as the client is stable and works how it should because these guys are offering the only TRUE multi-platform IM service and are not brushing us aside unlike other devs e.g. Kik is coded in Qt but they don't want to offer a Meego port.
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update please or i will buy iphone to use WHATSAPP
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Originally Posted by youmeego View Post
update please or i will buy iphone to use WHATSAPP
please buy iphone and save from all these whining babies. Suddenly the community is filled with whinning babies, i am seeing it here and i am seeing it in the whatsapp port thread as well. You need to realise that developing for multiple platform is really resources stretching, especially for small to mid sized companies, seeing the meego harmattan is a small community, it is realistic to be aware that we will naturally be the least of their focus, at this point i am quite happy with ebuddy and really grateful if they can iron out the bugs before implementing anything new.

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I understand some of these 'babies' cause I too find it so very difficult to have patience, I however don't go around posting that I will switch phones when they don't work harder.
I don't believe they would give a damn if you switched phones and rightfully so.

We are all waiting, we are all excited to see if and when Ebuddy delivers.
Unfortunately as Kai pointed out we Meego users are a minority, forgotten by many.
I for one am very happy that there is a company out there who has not given up on us and is working hard to make the Meego expierience complete!

For now, we wait!

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I agree with both kai_en and MI3000, for a small or mid-size company a smaller community like this isn't their top priority, so I am gratefull eBuddy is out there.
Nevertheless I would love to see some minor update solving the music stopping bug (which I find quite annoying). Haven't experienced the messing up of the messages (yet), but this also seems like a serious bug to be solved soon.
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new beta's for other OS's are going out lets hope we have one in the upcoming few days for MEEGO
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I Previously downloaded/installed the app, later on uninstalled. Now that I've reinstalled it, fixed the problem with push notifications by deleting my Nokia account and adding it again-

ICan't find the app icon on the app list. :| What?
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Installed it as soon as I saw it. Got most of family to install it. They got BlackBerry, iPhone and WindowsPhone. Even got a contact from Indonesia. It's cool in the sense that we share a pin and not your phone number, so you have your privacy, unlike whatsapp. I think it will become very popular soon.

Just waiting for an update that will bring us group messaging and features to match Android and iOS
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my blackberry just got groups group messaging recently, when will the meego version get some love?

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