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i have the last version.

i edited torrc with adding two lines ExitNodes {gb} StrictExitNodes 1 (thos works perfectly in windows)

but i got a warning when i try to enable onion routong (failed to parse / validate config ) then in the next attempt i got error(reading config failed)

any help please ?
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Thx pH5, the app works great, posted reply here
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Hi! Just installed it. But does it work only with the integrated browser of the Nokia N900, right? It doesn't work with Opera.
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Any body care to release an update please ?
the current version of Tor is not working anymore even with Karam's trick

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Tor version is uploaded to Extras-devel.

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is there any chance for a harmattan version ?
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@pH5... sorry abt the wrong IM i sent today.. I got ur updated version. Thanks matey!
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Originally Posted by pH5 View Post
Tor version is uploaded to Extras-devel.
Thanks for this, very much.

There is a trivial dependency issue with libssl (CSSU version). Apt-get hiccups on this (HAM of course, does not see it as an upgrade). FAPMan happily overrides the issue. Tho' easily overcome, some users may trip up.

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@handaxe How should we fix this dependency issue?Could you please elaborate matey!?
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I used Faster App Man. The update does not appear at first but will if you use the "C" button and select the "All packages(advanced)" category. Then choose upgrade and say yes when a warning comes up. It is not serious.

Alternatively, download the deb and use as root "dpkg --force-depends-version -i xxxxx.deb".

In case you don't know - be careful in upgrading other packages that may appear as upgradeable in Fapman using the all packages option. The way Maemo works makes wholesale upgrading potentially risky i.e. apt-get upgrade or dist-upgrade may get you into trouble, AFAIK.

Originally Posted by getnani
Thanks man.. should this be safe?
"dpkg --force-depends-version -i xxxxx.deb"


Yes, but so would the FAPMan route as long as you update tor and not anything else UNLESS you know what you are doing. But tor via FapMan is safe.

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