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** WARNING: This is not doing anything useful at the moment and maybe never will. Just wanted to share for those willing to experiment a bit ***
Nokia released just Nokia Public Transport for the N9 in Betalabs:

Just out of curiosity, I wanted to see if it runs under fremantle, so I downloaded the deb, installed it via dpkg (works without protest).

it's installed to /opt/NokiaPt

I have CSSU testing installed, and qt components 1.2

To get it starting, I did the following:

- got from the n9 (or the emulator image) and linked it to /usr/bin/

- set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to /opt/qtm12/lib

- linked /usr/lib/ to /opt/qtm12/lib//

This steps are potentially dangerous and may blow up your system, but for me it worked so far, to my surprise...

so, now, the program starts, searches for GPS Position, then crashes, in offline mode it loads, and you can get to the info section, but trying to use the route planer or showing stops nearby crashes too. The app seems to be written to a large section in qml, which does not look obfuscated, maybe someone more knowledgable regarding qml could gain something here.

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Bumping, because I am curious whether anybody found the reason behind these crushes.
Best wishes.
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