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Black 16GB with PR1.2 from Finland

USA Location, so imported

Using phone today. Finished phone call. Looked down and my email screen was about 1/3rd smaller, gray font, and looked almost see through.

Held down off button for reboot. Reboot came back saying "Device Not Working Properly" and to try and update.

No OK button, nothing.

Never flashed, in US with no Windows, using Linux. Device had been a little sluggish today and yesterday so I did a reboot Yesterday. Seemed better.

I don't have any apps that I know of directly linked to causing this issue.
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It sounds like you just experienced the joy of the so-called MALF screen.

Reflashing should clear that up - you can do so from Linux as well as Windows (see the guide in my sig). It doesn't sound like you did anything that would have caused a MALF, however, so I'm not sure what's going on there. Was there a message in monospace text at the bottom? If so, what did it say?

BTW As you're in the US, make sure to get my ad-hac app, which will re-enable the Wi-Fi Hotspot app

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