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Hello to everyone in this community. I am still quite a newcomer to the maemo platform yet the n900 as come to show me new ways to use a phone... well computer that is.

Ps. Im not quite sure if this is the right place for this thread, sorry for the inconvenience if it isnt.

Now to the topic at hand. I was wondering if its possible to port an Application based online used for filing paperwork that way to get rid of a ton of paper on my hands.

The application is called ProntoForms,

The app is versatile for many users who use there phone at work.

-Ease of use
-I get paid to use it if i can on the N900 (haha awesome)
-no paperworkkkkk
-used with different major league companies.

I dont know if it is possible as i am not a programmer, however i am studying to be one. Beside the point, i know the application is on a few different platforms iphone, android, windows mobile and blackberrys platform.

I would definately "donate" if it would be possible to port over.

Thanks, risolij.

ps. i know i know, lots to read.
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You'll need to look into running the WebOS version on the N900. Dig around for the WebOS chroot on N900.
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