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Originally Posted by szopin View Post
Hope you're kidding. if it wasn't for mass transit there would be no Rosa Parks-MLK... Oh I see, SOPA, PIPA, CISPA and Transit killing... you guys should emigrate

And no, I was not kidding. There's mass transportation, but many cities it's not exactly the first choice of transportation; much unlike many Asian or European countries I've traveled to.
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I live in Philadelphia, which is like, 7 different transit networks (including NJ and NY), and this app covers them all. Goodbye Google Maps.

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Seems like a great app, hopefully they'll add more cities like the pop-up said when I opened it and noticed it didn´t support Tampere.

Nonetheless great to see such premium apps on N9.
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am in the Uk i'll try it out

edit: they dont have my city, fairly useless to me then lol

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how come there is no support for italy, australia?
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Works great in Budapest.
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Works really well in NYC, love it.

Tried to put the .deb here from Nokia Beta Labs, but it's 1.5mb, and it exceeds the limit.

Very nice app, smooth, quick and actually accurate! But NYC buses never follow their schedule...

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Perth, Australia is on the list, so I tried it.
But it only shows train lines - 4 radiating from the city. You don't need an app to figure your route on that! Its completely useless without buses.
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Originally Posted by AndyNokia232 View Post
Tried to put the .deb here from Nokia Beta Labs, but it's 1.5mb, and it exceeds the limit.
Why pushing yourself beyond terms & conditions just because someone won't register to a website, as you did?

PS: just tested & SF Bay Area is well covered.
PS2: Barcelona seems to be covered as well.

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It's very good to see this appear on the N9.
It's not so good to see that German cities are not supported yet.

Btw, for downloading from beta labs, all you need is your Nokia account, i.e. the same that you use in the Nokia store.
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