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Hello everyone,

I've encountered this frustrating problem:

Once N9 has registered an album art/cover, it doesn't allow me to change it.

I've tried:
1. Delete the album
2. Delete the files
3. Rename the files
4. Restart
5. Change the tags*

The only way to have a different album art seems to be to change the album or song name or artists. Changing the tags in other ways won't work.

I'm pretty sure N9 has a hidden folder that stores these pictures and doesn't delete them when the music files are removed. Does anyone know which folder it is? Any other way to change the album art (no commercial app or developer mode please)?
Posts: 2 | Thanked: 4 times | Joined on Apr 2012
found it myself:

/home/user/.cache/media-art & /music-suite

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