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Yep! my brain is blank cant come up anything no more...
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Removed the whole .css file but still nothing huh?
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I'm working on a Standby Screen modder that works on plugin model here: Might be interesting until we see LPSMagic 2.0

It currently has scripts for Random text, day/date, weather and cricket results. I'm planning for battery status, remaining space on MyDocs, etc.
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Originally Posted by Ashbeck View Post
> Can you make it display like weather, Like pull it and display there, i created one to show what i mean. Well i created an image file to show what i mean. or dreaming too hard,
You can add a weather widget to the lock screen and/or the standby screen through the settings of the meecast app.

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Hi i have problem. i dont have any operator logo on my n9 but i want to add there some picture. I paste my logo there /etc/osso-af-init/gconf-dir/desktop/meego/screen_lock/low_power_mode/ name it like operator_logo.png and nothing happened. Am I doing something wrong?
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Maybe it should be oplogo, as in Schturmans' mod...??
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what app is that
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You can use this app to change or add the picture on your phone:

what do you think about mine?
i used this app to change my operator logo
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thats big pict, how to create it?
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Yeah,how can you make it big?

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