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Hi folks,
I've just got hold of a used N900 and loving it so far. However, I'm in Australia and only seem to get about 20kbps from maemo repository downloads (FAM told me the speed). Is this normal? Is there a mirrorlist? Or is there a way to download these apps from my stateside VPS and install them manually?
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i'm in finland and have been using n900 for two years. usually download speeds are at my speed limit so this could be weak 3g signal or mirror problem. there was a script which rated the mirrors and chose best ones near you but i cant remember its name.
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After some testing I've found out there's some slowness in the route from Optus Australia to Testing from my vps in Arizona yield 500kbps. I've now setup apt-cacher-ng on my vps and set it as a proxy for my n900. I'm not up to near full speed in downloads. Sorted!

apt-cacher-ng was a breeze to setup btw.

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