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Poll: Is your N9 in open mode?
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Is your N9 in open mode?

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This is mine. The same thing happened to me, it slowed down my N964GB. I have about 15GB only of space used at the moment.

root: 893MB
system: 893MB
desktop: 200MB
background: 34MB
applications: 591MB
standby: 467MB
root -system: 0MB
system -desktop -background -applications: 66MB
applications -standby: 0MB
total: 893MB
total device memory: 985MB

root: 813MB
system: 776MB
desktop: 98MB/100MB
background: 9MB/10MB
applications: 515MB/600MB
standby: 441MB/500MB
subtotal: 623MB/710MB

root -system: 37MB
system -desktop -background -applications: 152MB
applications -standby: 74MB

total: 813MB/985MB
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I installed this and have noticed a very good improvement. Opening, closing and switching between tasks seems quicker and no lags or freezing. Thanks for the great work and research.

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This is great thx
Posts: 3 | Thanked: 3 times | Joined on Apr 2012
Experiencing some lag...

root: 578MB
system: 578MB
desktop: 200MB
background: 33MB
applications: 306MB
standby: 265MB
root -system: 0MB
system -desktop -background -applications: 38MB
applications -standby: 0MB
total: 578MB
total device memory: 985MB

root: 607MB
system: 535MB
desktop: 99MB/100MB
background: 9MB/10MB
applications: 283MB/600MB
standby: 259MB/500MB
subtotal: 393MB/710MB

root -system: 72MB
system -desktop -background -applications: 141MB
applications -standby: 23MB

total: 607MB/985MB
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Hey! Tested it out. So far, so good! I don't notice a huge difference rhough, since I was generally happy with the performance in the first place. But still, excellent work!

Just one quick question, can someone explain to me how to interpret the script the OP posted when someone complained about a performance decrease instead of seeing an improvement? What are the default values for ram usage anyway? Rough estimate?
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if you put the backgroup ram limits too low, like in here, it means that OOM manager will start killing some background processes -> leads to slower startup times since you have to start the applications again when you start to use then vs. just starting from background. Those changes to swappiness and background priorities can make application respond a bit faster, but I would believe that low ram limits on backgroup processes are causing negative impacts aswell as framework needs to restart killed processes.

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This makes a big difference here, those annoying all around stutters are gone. Even inside apps things are lot faster.

Not sure if it causes issues if you leave lot of apps running background but for my use its perfect, thanks!
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installed, but i don't see difference...
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One comment on this mod.

First of all - N9 (and N950) is not using any storage device (neither eMMC nor OneNAND) for swapping. It uses an in-memory compressed swap (ramzswap) instead. So, there should be no noticeable application lockups.

Second thing - the "from the factory" setup was tested for an average end user usage scenario (can't tell exact details, but it's pretty wide in terms of the apps used in it). As the average can be quite distant from some particular user's scenario, that user can see some improvements (or otherwise) after applying this mod.

No magic, just statistics.

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I haven't noticed any speed performance, if anything slight more lags, but my battery has been much better with this script

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