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Originally Posted by Tetlee View Post
Another small trick to lower idle consumption even further is either using a pouch or flip case for your phone.

Obviously once inside the pouch or with a flap closure, the proximity sensor turns off the standby screen clock/notifications and any operator logo you might be using. Might not save you much but obviously it all makes a difference if you're obsessive about getting Idle consumption down.

Haven't looked to see if there's an option to simply disable the clock/logo as that wouldn't interest me personally as find them very useful.
This saves you about 1% of battery life. It's not really worth it, IMHO.
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Whats the point of buying an smarthphone just to send sms? I bought it to be connected all the time. And, they are devices, if it gets broken, buy another. Battery cannot be the center of your life. Just use it. Charge it. Change it.
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I had some strange behavior with my battery last night...

It was at 50% and I needed to have it full today, so I plugged it on my computer, and turned it off (the computer).
The USB hub where the N9 was plugged has its own power source.

Yet, this morning I was awaken by some blips from my N9: the battery was depleted

My N9 is maybe 2 months old, and I didn't really had any real issues with the battery before.
The only application running was "Battery usage", as I always have it in the background.

Is it something people have already experienced ?

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