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Originally Posted by gerbick View Post
Despite the overlaps, I have to say that I'm honestly a bit confused in what you want now due to your answer.
Sorry if my writing has been a bit muddled, it comes from being a bit muddled in the thinking as well.

It really comes down to two semi-conflicting desires:

1) I want a device that feels more like a portable computer than a consumer electronic device.

2) The practical side of me tells me that there are a bunch of useful apps on Android that can make both my business and personal life a little bit easier, and I should just go for one of those phones and be done with it. And I'll eventually get used to the Android OS.

NITDroid seemed to give me the option to "have my cake and eat it too" with either the N9 or the N900 to give me a "real" OS and the possibility to occasionally boot into Android as needed.

I decided to go with the N900 since it seemed inexpensive enough to experiment with. Worse case is it ends up not being a good fit for my needs, and I sell it to someone who can get better use of it.

Oh... and task killers in Honeycomb and ICS. I would say look at something like Watchdog since what it does is create a rule where tasks that spike in mem or cpu usage gets too high.
The Android anecdote was simply to say that Android wasn't that great as a phone platform either (at least when I tried it). When I bought the Droid 2 last year I was thinking that I would want/need one device instead of 2 (T-Mobile didn't have the $30 plan back then), so I needed it to work as a phone as well as a computer...and I found at the time it didn't do either of those things very well. I thought it was pretty funny that Verizon recommended that I install a 3rd party app on my absolutely stock (no apps installed except for the ones that Verizon wouldn't let me uninstall) phone, to stop it from restarting randomly in the middle of calls

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