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Oi, hope you are getting better quickly (for your own sake, not for MPG's sake)

Good to see that you are so active here! Even though I wouldn't mind you slowing down, I don't want to push you with my comments!

My MyDocs/DCIM is empty because I save pictures on my SD card

Prestarting would be a good solution, or fully loading when MPG is started the first time and then keeping it in memory (could be an option so that every user can decide himself).

Getting rid of up/down is fine with me. Maybe a help screen that shows all commands would be good in the future

Everything else sounds great and I'm looking forward to the next version! But as I said before, take your time!

Edit: I can see the splash screen and it looks nice

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#52 all exept estel..sorry for those words..but they had to be said to that arrogant sob.. splash screen here.
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A link to the .deb file for the QML version please?
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I have uploaded next version with opening last viewed directory and optimized import librares, now startup is a little faster.

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so is there anything I can do to get this app without modifying qt-components?
Any help?

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@ jendkers

I like the updates and the app as all , and I prefer it over the stock gallery

but I wondering if you can add an option to see all the pictures that found either in MyDocs or any other folder just like the stock gallery ?

and thanks for your great work

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Would be a nice idea, but please don't use tracker to show multiple directories or I will cry ... cry like a baby!!!

PS: Newest version is working like a charm

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New update is in da house !
-load subfolders option - by default is False, but state is saving after close
-buttonbar on grid is dissapearing now when you start scroll, touch it to appear
-now MPGQ is making thumb when there is no thumb from tracker (will slow down loading)
-back button added next to rotating buttons
-next and prev image is done by draging not zoomed image up and down

I noticed errors when I try to load all images from /home/user/MyDocs/ it's because of md5 lib from python, it can't generate md5 sum for some complicated filenames :/ I will try to find solution.

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Oh nice, just found out about your program and will eventually replace quiver (which is not very finger-friendly)
Its a huge gift for all tracker-haters. Thank you very much!

It is almost in a good usable state, but i have some findings/suggestions:

  • On the first page you mention swiping left/right to switch through the pictures, in your QML version its actually swiping up/down. Can you change the behaviour?
  • Can you put the "down" button on the tile-screen to the bottom of the screen? (and/or show the buttons only after a fast swipe (like in opera))
  • When showing a picture, rotating the device leads back to tile-view, it would be much better to still show the picture and rotate it.
  • In this context, maybe you consider to add an option to auto-rotate the picture based on its height/width (and an option to switch off orientation based rotation)
  • Nasty Bug: When the program is minimized, it crashes after a while. (everytime! ):
  • "Cache thumnails" option does not get saved for the next start.
  • (typo in options (Warrning))
  • (btw, what memory do you mean, internal storage or RAM?)

Thats all for now Keep up the good work, its highly appreciated!

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Hi, I've just updated MaePyGalleryQML but it doesn't start properly.

~ $ /opt/maepygalleryqml/maepygalleryqml
no thumbnail for file:///home/user/MyDocs/DCIM/20100904_004.jpg file:///home/user/MyDocs/DCIM/20100904_004.jpg
no thumbnail for file:///home/user/MyDocs/DCIM/20120402_015.jpg file:///home/user/MyDocs/DCIM/20120402_015.jpg
file:///opt/maepygalleryqml/viewGrid.qml:2:1: module "" is not installed
import 1.0
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/opt/maepygalleryqml/maepygalleryqml", line 212, in <module>
AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'getImagePaths'
~ $

Did I miss some dependedncies or something?

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