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Dropped my phone today,though that could be coincidental to it running out of power. Also think that it notified me there was an update to linux power kernel, cant remember if I installed it or not but that thing has caused me boot issues before..

ANyways, suffice to say the darn thing wont boot now; at the part where it would normally go to flashing dots it seems to go back to white NOKIA screen, buzz then shut off.

If I conenct the wall charger, it comes alive, buzzes, shows the usb logo, flashs orange a couple of times, backlight turns off, sits for a while longer, then shuts off, comes on, buzzes, shows usb logo.. repeat ad infinitum

Flash it? and if so, with what? I was keeping fairly well up with updates, had the community updater on there.. I've no idea what I should now download and flash. Avoiding flashing emmc would be good if I can
Thanks in advance guys
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when nothing else to do ,give it a flash ,might work .
first flash only fiasco image ..check if everything works perfect ..
if doesnt you will have to go for vanilla and fiasco together ..
dont forget to back up ,if you flashing only powerkernel ..
good luck !
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There's a flash image that contains the power-kernel already?
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Have you tried removing the batery for a good few seconds, then replacing it and trying to boot?
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Yeah.. I came to the conclusion that the eMMC has become dislodged from the mainboard when I dropped the phone; it wont flash more than about 2 Mb of the emmc image without giving an error and the phone tools (apt-get install recovery-tools, then use testdisk) report read errors, missing partition tables damaged superblocks, cannot write anything to the eMMC..

As a temporary measure I've turned the microsd to doing the job the eMMC formerly did and the phone's now working for most of what I used to use it for.. Just pondering on whether to give this one to my mate who repairs electronics to see if he can fix the emmc back on, get another n900, get a 32gb class 10 memory card or just get another phone all together

It might be nice, now that I'm more confortable with the notions of partitiioning the memory card etc, to have a crack at installing nitdroid or meego from it, have a play with them but I'm not sure I have that much time to mess with a phone any more; i just want something to work and do the basics. Sad, aint it?
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I stopped using my n900 for a while since i was using my other phone for a few days.After a few days when i wanted to use my nokia n900 again it wont charge.I mean it was working completly fine till the time i was using it but when i stopped and i guess the battery drained out aswell.But, now when i connect it to the wall charger the phone vibrates the nokia screen comes up with a usb sign on the top corner for a few seconds but powers off again.i tried reflashing it aswell but the same is happening when i connect it to the computer.I pressed the 'U' button and connected it to the computer but again the same problem kept happening..It wont stop..whenever i put it on charging this whole thing keeps on repeating...i really dont knw what to do since its not ready to even flash or connect to the computer for the least..PLEASE HELP ME!!I LOVE MY NOKIA N900.i had worked fine since 2 years never gave me a problem.flashed it used nitroid,did evrythng but i never faced any problem..i dunoo why this is happening...any advice would be highly helpfull..sorry if a similar thread existd but wasn't able to find anythng with the same problem...PLEASE HELP!!
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excuse me but this is what happen when you leave your N900
sorry if a similar thread existd but wasn't able to find anythng with the same problem...PLEASE HELP!!
for sure you wont because no on here left his N900 alone
btw read the trouble shooting on the wiki that may help you
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