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I don't. Actually I don't care about scratches as long as they're not on the screen.
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Skinomi also has a product with protector sheets for every part of the phone. Got that but I'm only using the ones for the screen and the silver area at the back. Also have the stock silicon case on. Just makes the edge swipe gestures (to set aside/close an app) a lot smoother compared to just having the screen protector without the case.

And as cddiede has said, it goes a long way in protecting your phone in case you drop it. Has saved my N9 numerous times.

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Originally Posted by cddiede View Post
It looks alot better then a smashed N9:

Believe me, it can happen in the blink of an eye and that silicon cover can make all the shock absorbing difference.
That looks horrible both in person and online.
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the silver area is made out of metal, so it should withstand millions of scratches and maintain its integrity and function.

Also, being metal, you could probably polish if you wanted to. A little jewler's rouge or something and a dremel with polishing wheel. Just be careful.
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Hmm... a lot of trouble for what it would (possibly) accomplish.

Why not go the easy route and scratch the f-ck out of the polycarbonate casing to match
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I plan on taking some sand paper and getting a brushed-metal look. Not sure what grit to use yet.

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