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I was trying to update nitdroid to alpha2 last nite and accidentally wiped out the /home directory on my phone. I restarted my phone to find most things normal, just that a few settings needed to be added again.

But my twitter app is not working. I am able to sign in, but it just says " No tweets". None of the other tabs in the application show anything meaningful as well. Anyone knows a fix ?
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Tried all that .. deleted and re-added account, reset settings &reset device. Nothing seems to work ..
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reinstalling twitter might help
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installed NITDroid on my N9 but I didn't like it at all so I decided to go back to the original OS on the phone but when it booted i noticed my facebook app wasn't working, reset and flashed the phone and still nothings happened. Any ideas? oh I'd also like to remove NITDroid from my phone
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reflash to original firmware. it's best way.
you missed one step, when installing nitdriod, and now have problems.

or try
rm -rf /home/user/.accounts
rm -rf /home/user/.activesync
rm -rf /home/user/.aegis
reboot, and re-create accounts again

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